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Entering grades and percentages

Skooly lets you record a grade, percentage and date against each of the subjects you are studying.

If you have taken your exam and had the results then you will know your grade, percentage and the date of the results.

If you have not taken your exam then ask your teacher for the grade they expect you to get when you take the exam and enter that.
If they tell you the percentage, you can enter that also.

How Skooly calculates your mean grade

Your mean grade is the [mean|] of your top 7 subjects.

If you have entered a percentage then we use that in the mean grade calculation.
Otherwise we take the use the lowest percentage that would qualify you for the grade that you entered. You can enter the percentage if you want to use a different value.

How do I qualify for a cluster?

Each cluster has up to four requirements. Each requirement will say that you need to pass one or more subjects and possibly set a minimum grade that you must achieve.

If you have a subject that qualifies you for one of the requirements then you cannot use that to qualify for another requirement.
For example, if you want to qualify for this cluster and use Physics to qualify fore the requirement 2, then you cannot use Physics to qualify for requirement 4:

    1: ENG OR KIS
    3: GROUP III

If you have subjects and grades to meet each of the cluster's requirements then you qualify for that cluster.

What else do I need to get onto a course?

As well as qualifying for the cluster, your mean grade percentage will need to be above level stated by the government for the year you want to start your course. This figure is published each year after all the exams have been marked.

Before this figure has been published, Skooly will just look at the cluster requirements. After this figure has been published, Skooly will update your clusters to take your mean grade percentage into account.

How Skooly matches subjects to clusters

Firstly, Skooly takes the subject with the lowest grade that qualifies you for each of the cluster's requirements.

Generally, clusters are arranged so that this will always work out fine. But, if you don't qualify for the cluster that way, Skooly will try all other [permutations|] of your subjects to see if one of those would qualify you.
(If you study 7 subjects then there are 5040 permutations!)

Why do we do this? For example, let's say that you have the following subjects and grades:

    English at A
    Mathematics at B
    Physics at B
    Agriculture at B
    Aviation at A-
    History & Government at A+
    Aviation at A

Let's say you are wanting to qualify for this cluster:

    1: ENG OR KIS
    3: GROUP III

You qualify for requirement 1 because you have English at grade A. When you look at the second requirement you can see that you also qualify because you have Physics at grade B, or you could qualify for the second requirement because you have Mathematics at grade B.

Physics is your only subject in Group If you use your Physics to qualify for requirement 2, then you won't be able to qualify for requirement 3.

You're happy because it's going well and you look at requirement 3. To pass this requirement you need any subject from Group III. These are the groups that your subjects are in:

    English                 = Group I
    Mathematics             = Group I
    Physics                 = Group II
    Agriculture             = Group IV
    Aviation                = Group IV
    History & Government    = Group III
    Aviation                = Group IV

You can pick one of your subjects to meet one requirement and It can be that some of these ways will one arrangement of there may be more than one way your subjects

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